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Radioactive water continues to leak

According to the NHK news, the utility firm reportedly tried to block off the contaminated water against continuously running into the sea, with the water absorptive polymer.

However any improvement hadn't been confirmed, so they consequently added sawdust and newspapers into the polymer as a supreme measure!

NHK World English News

Radioactive water continues to leak

Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says there has been no change in the amount of radioactive water seeping from the Fukushima nuclear plant after a polymer absorbent was injected into a cracked pit.

Tokyo Electric Power Company found on Saturday that contaminated water was leaking into the ocean from the 20-centimeter crack in the concrete pit.

On Sunday, the utility firm used a polymer absorbent to try to stop the leak of radioactive water.

The government's nuclear agency said the injection of the chemical began shortly after 1:40 PM, but it cannot confirm if there has been a decline in the amount of contaminated water leaking into the ocean.

The agency added that sawdust and newspapers were also used, but the absorbent did not reach the pipe. Engineers are now trying to mix the substance with the water.

The agency plans to continue monitoring the situation until Monday to see if there is a positive result.
Sunday, April 03, 2011 19:38 +0900 (JST)



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